What is Electrocoagulation

Electrocoagulation is a technical process in which wastewater is cleaned. It uses radio or short wave frequencies to clean water from waste treatment, industrial processing or to perform some medical treatment. Electrocoagulation technology goes a step beyond filtration devices and chemical treatment systems to clean the water. Chemicals such as emulsified oils, solids and heavy metals cannot be cleaned in the traditional process and that is why this technology is a great advancement in the field.
Electrocoagulation has already been a great help in parts of the world when it comes to drinking water supply. For example, it was used in a region in Eastern India to remove arsenic from their drinking water supply. This test proved very effective for this population. Because it can be used to remove particles such as chlorine and bacteria from water, it is a good idea to use for drinking water as well. Many areas of the world are limited in their clean drinking water supply and by using this process; this supply can grow quickly and at little cost to the population.

Survey Says: Electrocoagulation Technology

Electrocoagulation technology is an innovative way to reuse natural resources in a manner that is cost effective as well as safe. This technology has been implemented for over 100 years in many applications. Because of this long standing experience and the advances of technology recently, electrocoagulated water can be used as a viable drinking water for populations throughout the world. It might actually lend to cleaner drinking water than most people currently consume, which comes from treatment facilities in local towns or cities. High contents of particles are often found in drinking water all over the world. By using the electrocoagulation technology, many of these particles can be removed whereas in other processes like filtration, many particles are left behind and could be potentially harmful to those who consume them.

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